#breakthecycle at Round One Gym

What could you do if you weren’t doing the assault bike?! Stretch, catch your breath, grab a drink, well, you could do anything you like. Skip the assault bike effort for a day, I will do the effort for you… for a cost. Prefer a week off? I can do that too!

Sounds good? Head to my donation page, make a $10 donation, enter #breakthecycle into the comment field and I will cover your calories, time or distance for a day. Donate $50 and I will cover you for the whole week! I will do the equilavant effort for you in my training for the North South Vietnam Challange in the following week.

Head to the fundraising site and donate before Sunday 4th June then you will be able to pick up your voucher from Round One reception from Monday 5th June to use up to Sunday 11th June. Simply hand the voucher to the Coach instead of doing the bike efforts and do whatever you like instead. If you buy the week, just show your pass and enjoy the break!

I will track all of my bike training time with a Fitbit and Strava so you can see that the efforts are covered… looking forward to seeing just how big a target you all set for me!

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