Celebrating milestones

So I have just totalled 1000 kilometres on the bike and raised 1000 dollars, I am pretty stoked, especially that both milestones happened on the same day, how good is that?! Massive thanks to all those who have donated, I am totally blown away by the generosity and support that everyone has shown. Tonnes of gratitude to my super supportive wife for all that she does that enables me to do all the training and fundraising, it all takes time away from my family and she has made it all possible.

I have learnt quite a lot getting here today, first is that being able to undertake the North to South Challenge is a massive privilege and I am so lucky to be supported by our healthcare system, friends and extended family, co-workers, clients and suppliers.

I have written previously that helping the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation take care of children with special needs and health issues is my motivation for doing all this. I now really understand just how much support me and my family have. To be able to help give to other families of special needs children, or even those kids that are abandoned, some support and education is phenomenal and I am humbled by it all everyday.

Everything you can do to support makes a difference, donate, social media shares or even just words of encouragement all mean a lot. Thanks all!