Barefoot Bowls

I would like to invite you, your family and your friends to come along to my barefoot bowling afternoon fundraiser down at the Melville Bowling and Recreation Club.


Thanks to the generosity of the Melville Bowls Club we are able to slip off the shoes and get out on the greens to have a go at bowling a few ends together. Should be a lot of fun with drinks all available at club prices.

Our good friends from Ciccobello Pizza Catering Perth will be providing pizzas for your enjoyment and we will also have a range of snacks and refreshments available to keep the kids from getting hangry.  Various activities are also planned to keep the kids entertained.

We shall be drawing the raffle during the afternoon for the major fundraising prize, generously supplied by Attadale Travel, of a Luxury overnight escape to the 6 star Crown Towers Perth! We also have a magnificent DeLongi Nespresso coffee machine up for grabs too. The raffle will only have 100 tickets available so seriously consider securing yours when you book tickets to the event.


Family time and support

For the past few months I have relied entirely on the commute to and from the office to build up a bit of bike fitness in readiness for the North to South Challenge in October for the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation.  I have done the commute countless times and I am pleased to say that bike fitness is certainly improved with the day to day getting to the office being a lot less of a stress than it used to be. The only thing is, in the challenge, the distances to be covered each day are a fair bit further than the commute… 60-100km a day, day after day. oh and there are hills. urgh.

The time has now come to head out on longer distances and to work on my pathetic ability to ‘climb’.  Working these kinds of rides into the weekends generally means forgoing some family and down time, maybe not getting to all the chores (maybe missing the chores isn’t tooooo bad haha) but they still need to be done. My wife isn’t ever really 100% happy with this (shes says she is but I can tell) but she is always 100% supportive, who’s a very lucky bloke?

I squeezed my first ‘real’ training ride into cycling up to the hills before a delightful picnic by an open fire organised by my wife. She drove my girls and one of their friends up, made some awesome sandwiches, packed an esky with cool drinks, packed chairs and a picnic mat and I rode up to meet them. She is a champion and I am indeed one very lucky bloke.

I need your support as well to make my target and get to complete the challenge. I would be incredibly grateful if you could manage to Donate now.

Awesome little web app makes the video below from using strava data, think tour de france flyover map… only slower, much, much slower haha!


Como jetty

The #breakthecycle fundraising week at Round 1 is now done and I am super impressed by the kind words, support and of course donations that have come out of it. Massive respect to those people that actually did take the opportunity to grab a seat and cheer on (heckle maybe?!) those doing the bike rounds. Who would have thought that not doing the bikes could have been harder or more awkward than doing them?!

So the story in numbers;

  • Total money raised as of this morning is $630 and a $300 coffee machine!

  • Total calories to be covered 2305cal and 23miles(37km)

  • Calories and kilometres done 3726cal covering 107km

Huge thanks to Mike and the team at Round 1 Fitness for allowing me to run the fundraiser and encouraging everyone to get involved, donate and then to sit out the bikes.

Thanks to everyone that donated to the North to South Challenge and I am especially grateful to those brave souls who sat back in the chairs and helped #breakthecycle ! 

Regulars at Round 1 are all familiar with the constant support and encouragement from the staff and everyone else that attends the gym, this past two weeks I have received heaps! Most of the words of support tended to revolve around how crazy I was to take on the forfeited calories. This time of year it is actually a pleasure to ride along the river before and after work, usually at the most spectacular time of the day. Photo: Como jetty at dawn last Tuesday.

Celebrating milestones

So I have just totalled 1000 kilometres on the bike and raised 1000 dollars, I am pretty stoked, especially that both milestones happened on the same day, how good is that?! Massive thanks to all those who have donated, I am totally blown away by the generosity and support that everyone has shown. Tonnes of gratitude to my super supportive wife for all that she does that enables me to do all the training and fundraising, it all takes time away from my family and she has made it all possible.

I have learnt quite a lot getting here today, first is that being able to undertake the North to South Challenge is a massive privilege and I am so lucky to be supported by our healthcare system, friends and extended family, co-workers, clients and suppliers.

I have written previously that helping the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation take care of children with special needs and health issues is my motivation for doing all this. I now really understand just how much support me and my family have. To be able to help give to other families of special needs children, or even those kids that are abandoned, some support and education is phenomenal and I am humbled by it all everyday.

Everything you can do to support makes a difference, donate, social media shares or even just words of encouragement all mean a lot. Thanks all!

#breakthecycle at Round One Gym

What could you do if you weren’t doing the assault bike?! Stretch, catch your breath, grab a drink, well, you could do anything you like. Skip the assault bike effort for a day, I will do the effort for you… for a cost. Prefer a week off? I can do that too!

Sounds good? Head to my donation page, make a $10 donation, enter #breakthecycle into the comment field and I will cover your calories, time or distance for a day. Donate $50 and I will cover you for the whole week! I will do the equilavant effort for you in my training for the North South Vietnam Challange in the following week.

Head to the fundraising site and donate before Sunday 4th June then you will be able to pick up your voucher from Round One reception from Monday 5th June to use up to Sunday 11th June. Simply hand the voucher to the Coach instead of doing the bike efforts and do whatever you like instead. If you buy the week, just show your pass and enjoy the break!

I will track all of my bike training time with a Fitbit and Strava so you can see that the efforts are covered… looking forward to seeing just how big a target you all set for me!

Visiting the Sunshine School

At the end of the CamNam15 challange we finished our journey with a very warm welcome from the stundents and staff at the CNCF sunshine school. Whilst I found the cycling through traffic in Ho Chi Minh a real buzz it was quite an emotional experience turning the corner up the drive and into a tall courtyard full of cheering and clapping children. All of those kids are getting an education and a much brighter future out of the foundations work. This education means they are not limited by living on the streets or working in the fields. Being educated gives more than opportunity to make their way in the world it gives them confidence and protects them from exploitation and being caught in a cycle of poverty. 

We didn’t spend a great deal of time with the ill and disabled children the sunshine centre also helps. For me this was quite a relief as it is pretty close to my families life. From day one with my daughter Clio we were always supported by health professionals and told we would be okay. It’s been, and still is, a stupendously tough journey but my family is still able to not only take care of ourselves with this support we are able to live a pretty fulfilling lives, supporting local schools and community events etc and of course the CNCF. I can only imagine the joy and relief that parents of special needs children would feel when they are welcomed into the sunshine centre and the programs they run. Up until that point I had not fully appreciated my circumstances. 

So now I am doing it all again, the training is easy, fundraising is where the real effort is and that’s where you can help me help other families with special kids. 

Photo credit: Moonshine Agency

First hundred 

Just over four days since I started this blog and fundraising in earnest (well spamming social media) and thanks to a couple of pretty special people I have banked my first hundred in donations! If you are just dying of curiosity about who these amazing people are then you will just need to select the donate link and maybe see for yourself, while you are there of course wink wink nudge nudge…

Timely too; also since launching I have managed to get another hundred kilometres into the legs. Weather has been amazing if a little chilly on some mornings but I am looking forward to cycling in the warmth in Vietnam for the CNCF.

Training total since registration 600km

Funds raised $100

Yay it’s all feeling a little real and worthwhile.