The #breakthecycle fundraising week at Round 1 is now done and I am super impressed by the kind words, support and of course donations that have come out of it. Massive respect to those people that actually did take the opportunity to grab a seat and cheer on (heckle maybe?!) those doing the bike rounds. Who would have thought that not doing the bikes could have been harder or more awkward than doing them?!

So the story in numbers;

  • Total money raised as of this morning is $630 and a $300 coffee machine!

  • Total calories to be covered 2305cal and 23miles(37km)

  • Calories and kilometres done 3726cal covering 107km

Huge thanks to Mike and the team at Round 1 Fitness for allowing me to run the fundraiser and encouraging everyone to get involved, donate and then to sit out the bikes.

Thanks to everyone that donated to the North to South Challenge and I am especially grateful to those brave souls who sat back in the chairs and helped #breakthecycle ! 

Regulars at Round 1 are all familiar with the constant support and encouragement from the staff and everyone else that attends the gym, this past two weeks I have received heaps! Most of the words of support tended to revolve around how crazy I was to take on the forfeited calories. This time of year it is actually a pleasure to ride along the river before and after work, usually at the most spectacular time of the day. Photo: Como jetty at dawn last Tuesday.